Pawsitively Furtastic April Gathering

Pawsitively Furtastic April Gathering
Photo by Ricardo L / Unsplash
This event has ended, it was on the 28th of April in Smáralind at 19:30

Attention all furries, heed our call!
We've got a laser tag event for one and all,
On April 28th, we'll be in the zone,
Firing lasers and defending our own.

Come dressed in your fursuits, if you please,
Or in your human form, we'll still be pleased,
We'll split into teams and battle it out,
In an epic showdown, with no doubt.

But don't worry, it's all in good fun,
We'll be cheering and laughing once we're done.

So get ready to dodge and aim with pride,
Our laser tag event will be quite the ride,
We'll bond over our love for furry delights,
And make memories that will last through the night.

So join us on April 28th, it's a date!
Our furry friends, let's unite and celebrate,
With lasers in hand, we'll charge ahead,
And with furry pride, we'll emerge triumphant instead.

With love and fur, The IcelandFur Staff. is not a registered organization and operates independantly from Icelandic Furry groups.