Furovision Party 2023

Furovision Party 2023
Due to unfortunate circumstances, the event has been cancelled.
But do not worry! There are more events to come!

Fellow furries, lend me your ears,
We've got news that'll bring you cheers,
Furovision is coming up fast,
And we want you to join in the blast!

We'll gather together on the 13th of May,
To watch Eurovision in our own special way,
With snacks, booze, and fursuits galore,
We'll dance and sing until we can't no more!

So come one, come all, let's have a good time,
With music and fur, we'll make the night shine,
Bring your best moves and your brightest fur,
Let's make this party one to remember!

And at the end of it all, with memories to share,
We'll bid adieu with a smile and a flair,
Thanks for joining us in this furry affair,
Until next time.

With love and fur from the IcelandFur staff!

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