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Summer is here! A few of our furry friends are moving out of the country so lets make this a good one for them. This is a bring your own drinks event.A complimentary watermelon drink, some fruits and snacks will be available and on the house while they last.
Sweet Summer June Meet - 5th of June
Furovision Party 2023
Event date is 16th of May, exact time and location to be determined Fellow furries, lend me your ears,We’ve got news that’ll bring you cheers,Furovision is coming up fast,And we want you to join in the blast! We’ll gather together on the 16th of May,To watch
Furovision Party - 16th of May
Free comic book day
Were going to the nexus free comic book day tomorrow.. in fursuits!Quellix invites you to join and fursuits are not required. Quellix’ apartment will be used as staging ground and we’d go as a group, meeting will be at 14:00.DM @Quellix on Telegram for more details!
Comic book day - 6th of May at 14:00 in Nexus
Pawsitively Furtastic April Gathering
Event date is 28th of April and will be set in Smáralind, the exact time is to be determined Attention all furries, heed our call!We’ve got a laser tag event for one and all,On April 28th, we’ll be in the zone,Firing lasers and defending our own. Come
Laser Tag - 28th of April in Smáralind is not a registered organization and operates independantly from Icelandic Furry groups.