K100 interview: Unveiling the World of Icelandic Furries

K100 interview: Unveiling the World of Icelandic Furries

In a recent interview on K100, Quellix, a member of the Icelandic Furries community, corrected various misconceptions surrounding the furry subculture in Iceland. Furry fandom is a unique interest in anthropomorphic animal characters, expressed through art, costumes, and role-playing. Many of the stories circulating about Icelandic furries have been sensationalized or misrepresented.

"Furry fandom is about characters," Quellix explains. "It involves creating your own cartoon character and bringing it to life, either through artwork or by donning a costume and embodying the character for a designated period." He emphasizes that the stories making the rounds, such as the infamous tale of school students requesting cat litter in the restrooms, are often exaggerated and do not accurately represent the community's reality. Similar incidents have occurred in the United States, but they are meant in bad humor, he adds.

Quellix' dog fursona "Waffles" at pride in Iceland

The Icelandic Furry community, which comprises around 100 members, is a close-knit group with diverse interests. Furry characters can vary from cats and dogs to dragons and mice, each with human-like traits. Contrary to misconceptions, Quellix asserts that the community is supportive and accepting.

"We are not joking around; we have a genuine interest in this subculture. Our community here in Iceland is just like any other hobbyist group. We come together at various events, and members do not only bark and meow at each other." Quellix explains.

Understanding and support from partners are crucial for individuals who are part of this lifestyle. Quellix suggests that expressing oneself through art can be a helpful starting point. Many furries design their own costumes, often created by talented artists, allowing individuals to portray their characters as they envision them. For instance, Daníel shares his desire to have his character represented as a blue dog, showcasing the creative freedom within the furry community.

Listen to the full interview with Quellix (in Icelandic) here:

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